Thursday, March 10, 2011

Progress and Hardanger scissors

I am getting SO close to being done with this angel! Here are a few not so good pictures of my progress....

her collar.....

her sleeves.........

a close up of 1 wing....

her wings.

She is really fun to work on but it's not going as fast as I would like! I hope to have her done in the next week or so.

Nordic Needle
is having a sale and I've wanted these scissors for so very long! They were almost $10.00 off the original price! They are by Dovos and are made for Hardanger work.

I am going to have to make a Hardanger scissors fob for them :-)

Spring can't get here quick enough for me! I am so tired of gray, dreary, cold, rainy and snowy days! Maybe after I finish the angel, I will start a new project with lots of bright colors!

Take care!

Eskie smiles,


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Debra said...

it's going to be beautiful