Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TUSAL, a giveaway, IHSW and some bead stash!

Hello everyone!  Here is my TUSAL for April - a little late, sorry :-)
And my year to date TUSAL jar.
There is some from 3 different projects in this batch - Sampler of Psalms (JCS), Rennaisance Rose, and Hummingbird Sparkly Garden - more on these later in this post.

Gee, I can't decide if I like this new blogger or not.  As I am typing this, I can't see but just a little of it!  The screen won't advance far enough!

There, that's better!  I just used my return button a few times and came back up using my arrows.  I'll figure this out sooner or later!

I am having a giveaway!  I've been saying it for a while and hadn't done anything about it, but now I am.  Here are a few of the things I'm giving away.
White Christmas by Victoria's Sampler, a Little House Needleworks thread bed chart, Angel of Winter by L&L (I had 2 of these!), another LHN chart Home of a Needleworker, and Don't Bug me While I'm Stitching by the Sweetheart Tree.   All but the L&L I've stitched.
And this needlework stand.  It was given to me many years ago and I no longer use it, so I''m passing it along.  If you're the winner, please keep this picture for assembly.  There are no instructions with it!

I will probably throw in a few more items as I go through my stash. The above charts, minus one, I have stitched.  The White Christmas chart has a little highlighting on the wreath part, but it is NOT unreadable.  The others are all unmarked.

To win this giveaway, please leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY and you MUST be a follower.  I also must have some way to reach you, so please leave an email addy or blog addy, if I don't already have it.  You can post on your blog if you like, but  you won't earn another entry, sorry.  This is my 1st giveaway, so I'm not real sure about what I'm doing!  I will close this giveaway in 2 weeks and draw a name shortly after.

Okay, on to my bead stash!  I ordered this bunch from Fusion Beads online (free shipping!) for a project I want to do.
From left to right - cream, white and black Tila beads (I've been wanting to try these) 14 mm rivolis in amethyst, light siam, emerald, sapphire, and sunflower, 11/0 seeds in the permanent finish gold and my free gift from Fushion was a birthstone chart, bead sizer, and tape measure!  Sorry about the bad picture, I'm limited as to where I can take them.

I didn't get to stitch as much as I would have liked this last weekend and these are what I was going to, or did, work on.
Hummingbird Sparkly Garden
Chatelaine Designs
recommended threads on white Belfast

Sampler of Psalms, part 1
Just Cross Stitch
32 ct cream linen with DMC threads

And finally, Renaissance Rose by Joan Elliott
32 ct. white Etamin with recommended threads

Whew, that's quite a bit for one post, don't you think?  Oh, I can't resist - 2 more pictures.......
Gabe turned 5 last weekend and this was at his party - he's being a ham!
And my newest toy!  A new laptop!  I'm having a blast with it!

Okay, that's all for now!

Eskie smiles,



McKenna C. said...

Oh your stitching is beautiful! I love all your pictures!

Thanks for having a giveaway! I would love to be entered. :)


Veronica said...

Lovely WiPs, Terri. Renaissance Rose already looks beautiful!

Congrats on your new laptop. Sorry to hear that blogger won't cooperate though. I usually type my post out on notepad before copying and pasting it over.

Very generous give away. Please do include me. Thank you.


gracie said...

What a great giveaway....and Gabe is so cute. Enjoy the new laptop.

Denise said...

About the new blogger - I went back to the old one. One the right side of your main page these is a cog icon - click it and scroll down to the go to old blogger. Viola - back to what we know!

Great give away, cute kids, good for you on the laptop! Woohoo - never too much for one post.

Melissa said...

Love your WIPs :) And YEY on the new stash. It's always so exciting to get new stash hey?

I'd love to be included in the giveaway as well.

Happy Stitching!

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Your WIPS are gorgeous I'll love to see more of the chatelaine and the Renaissance Rose... and what gorgeous beads you bought :D and whohoo to the laptop ;)
I would love to be included on the giveaway it's lovely and I've been actually looking at a similar frame stand for me... but since I bought a lap one quite recently I have to wait until next year at least for a new one so it would be great for me eheh :D
Thank you so much for your kindness :D

Anonymous said...

You are working on quite a few projects at once! Wow! That is some giveaway! I do not own a single one of those things. Please include me. :)

Minnie said...

All of your projects look great and Gabe is adorable. I would love to be included in your give-away. Love the new laptop.

jhm said...


I would love to be entered for the give-away. I'm willing to split it with someone too!


Melissa said...

Great job on your projects! Hummingbird Garden looks beautiful already :)

Nic said...

What an amazing giveaway - I'd love to be included.

Linda said...

Great progress pics. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

Thanks, Linda

Joysze said...

TERRI!!! OH.... your Hummie is GLORIOUS!!! JUST GLORIOUS. Stitch, girl, stitch!!! I wanna see more!!! Hehehehehe.

That's one of my favorite Psalms. :D I can't wait to see more of it too.

Nice giveaway.... I think you're doing it just perfectly. :D Ooooooh, nice floor stand! :D

Gabe is darling! Happy Belated Birthday to him. :D

lesli said...

Congrats on getting the laptop! Don't let playing around on it eat into your stitching time! hahahaha

Beautiful stitching on your WIPs! You did get a lot done!

Would love to be entered in your first giveaway!

Happy Belated 5th to Gabe....I think boys are always hams! :)

Patty C. said...

Wonderful stitching progress &
congrats on the new laptop - I am still hoping for one of those.
I would love to enter your Giveaway -
I loooove LHN patterns ;)

Thanks for the fun

Topcho said...

Lovely wips you got! I love this series of JE, and Renaissance Rose is one of my favourites, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.
And thank you for the generous giveaway! Please count me in!

LadyDoc said...

It has been a LONG time since I checked my blogs! Glad I found you again.

Kasey said...

What a darling site!! I love your TUSAL jar - looks like it says something about "Snip-its" on there. Wonderful!