Sunday, October 14, 2012

Small and large

Finishes, that is!  Two!!  Yay, me! :-)

First, the small
This was a freebie that came with the last issue of JCS.  It's by Glendon Place.  I used Sullivan's floss, Designs from the needle floss, and DMC on an unknown piece of Lugana (I think) hand dyed by me.  It's a greenish color and I used it because I didn't want to stitch the green background!

Now, the large.
 Sampler of Psalms!  Finished it about 2 this morning.
And what a fun stitch it was!  Stitched on 36 ct. linen in an off white using DMC floss.  Lots of stitches in this, too!
A couple (not very good, sorry) close ups.
 A Rhodes variation for the grapes and french knots and satin stitch for the acorns.
Diamond eyelets, Smyrna stitch, vertical satin stitch
Over 1, eyelets, straight stitch, queen stitch, rice stitch, half diamond eyelets, and upright cross.  I think that's it!

Went to a bead show a couple weekends ago and got this little stand for this large Topaz that I have.  Talk about bling!
Topaz is my birthstone and I love it!
I also got this lovely wood box at a really great price!
 When it is closed, you can barely tell it's a box.  It looks like one piece.
The wood is Thuya wood from North Africa, which I had never heard of before.

Well, that's it for today.  The puppies say hello!~
And they have Halloween eyes! :-)

Eskie smiles,



Nicola said...

Your sampler is gorgeous. Congratulations

blue star stitcher said...

Very cute small finish, and love the grapes in the larger sampler. Very pretty colors.

SoCal Debbie said...

Great finishes! Your close-up pics are great. The wood box is lovely.

Vickie said...

Sampler of Psalms is just gorgeous. Great job. =)

Teresa S. said...

I love the Sampler of Psalms and don't think I have ever seen it before-Lovely!
The wood box is gorgeous-reminds me of a friend's father who makes wood bowls, etc in his workshop.

Nancy said...

Sampler of Psalms is beautiful! That is a lovely wood box!

Barb said...

Both finishes are great. The long one is so beautiful! Plus all those different stitches, I'm impressed!

Giovanna said...

Great finishes - the sampler is very spectacular, well done.

Robin said...

Nice work, neat things and love the Halloween eyes on the puppies!

Joysze said...

Go you, indeed!!! Finishes look awesome, Terri. The Psalm Sampler is lovely!!!

Great finds at the bead show. That wooden box is awesome.

Hellooooooooo puppies!!! :D Too cute!!!

Mindi said...

Congratulations on such a huge finish! the Trick or Treat finish is very cute.

Parsley said...

Wow! Your sampler is gorgeous! Love the candy corn too.

Your fur babies make me smile!

Margaret said...

Where can I buy the chart of your Sampler of Psalms? Can you email me at and let me know? Thanks

Margaret A said...

Hello Terri,Love your Sampler of Psalms, great stitching
I really must get back to stitching and give the patchwork away for a while. Been doing some Hardanger but sadly no cross stitch!
Margaret A (stitchingtable)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finishes! The sampler is fantastic.