Tuesday, June 4, 2024


 I took a mini vacation last week.  I drove down to Asheville, NC on Wednesday, went to see the Biltmore Estate (Vanderbilts) and drove home on Friday.  Had a great time!  Took Kody with me and he was SO good!   Here are a couple pictures.

The largest home in America.  Finished in 1897, but George Washington Vanderbilt hosted his family and friends there at Christmas 1895.
The view from the balcony on the back.  The Great Smoky Mountains!
Beautiful views!!
Kody resting on Thursday evening.
Another shot off the back balcony.  If you haven't been to see the Biltmore, you need to go!  Expensive, but well worth it!


Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like you had a wonderful mini vacation, Terri! Does Kody travel well?

butterfly said...

Lovely Photos of your trip.
Kody is so cute . Hugs June.

Katie said...

Beautiful. We've been by it several times but I'm not really a house visiting kind of person. Beautiful views though. I love traveling with my dog. He just loves sight seeing as much as I do.