Sunday, March 12, 2023

Happy New Year, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter!

 Guess this is my first post this year.  I thought I had  posted.  Oops!  Oh well.  Things have been busy around here.  

I have a little story.  Back in 2020,  my aunt passed away just a few weeks before my mom did.  My uncle lived in their house and is now downsizing and moving into assisted living.  My aunt was a needleworker also.  She did beautiful work!  This is what they let me have that was hers.

                                            Angel of Love, L&L
                                            A beautiful fairy
     A dragon by a Christmas tree and fire place
                                            4 Seasons 
                                            Love this one!
                                            Christmas snow globe
The above crochet books were my grandmother's.

And my favorite thing they let me have.

What you are looking at is a box that my uncle made for my aunt to put her finished pieces in without having to fold or roll them up.  He is an awesome wood worker!

I've been having some hip and back problems lately, but hopefully I am on the mend now.  Anxious for spring to get here with the warmer weather so I can get outdoors and walk more!  I have been stitching, but not a whole lot.

Oh, if anyone knows the designers for the above pieces (I know the first one - Lavender and Lace) please let me know.

The above spring, autumn, winter, and summer pieces are finished to hang and there is a dowel rod in the spring one.  I am going to make some kind of removable hanger to attach to the dowel rod so I can hang them.   They are so detailed!  Sorry the pictures aren't the best.

Back soon!  Happy stitching!


Lesley said...

The second picture of the fairy is by Lanarte I believe and I think it’s called “Night” - there is a companion piece called “Day”
The four seasonal ones are still around - seen people on FlossTube stitching them - I don’t think you’d have to search too hard to find them.
That box is lovely.....

Mylene said...

Those are gorgeous pieces. I am familiar with all the pics but can't say who are the desinger's.
Have a lovely week.

Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful pieces you were given of your Aunt's! The box is gorgeous. Glad you are on the mend with your hip/back issues. Have a wonderful week, Terri!

Katie said...

Wow how wonderful that you get some of her pieces. I love the seasonal ones. Beautiful. Warm weather will be here before we know it.

butterfly said...

What wonderful stitching , she was a wonderful stitcher.

Robin said...

So very very wonderful to have these beautiful pieces and the memories that come with them. The wooden box is beautiful as well. Here, here to the warmer weather and being outside!

Robin said...

The pieces are beautiful and familiar but I am at a loss for the designer names - except of course, Lavendar & Lace. What wonderful memories these and the gorgeous box are for you. I hope by now - I’m catching up on blogs - your hip and back issues have cleared up. Nothing like being outside in the sunshine to make you feel better.