Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anyone seen my stitching mojo?

Hello everyone!  Has anyone seen my stitching mojo lately?  I haven't stitched in over a month!  Yikes!  But!  I have been bead stitching, does that count?  I do have a finish in beading to show you.
 This is a close up.  Design from the May issue of Beadwork by Marcia Rose called the Midas Touch.
I used 14 mm rivolis in ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, rose, amethyst, and sunflower; Delicas in white pearl AB; pearl 11/0s in white pearl, and 15/0s in gold.  I really love the way this turned out!

I do have some stitchy stash to show.  I went to an LNS about 2 weeks ago and here is what I got.

I am going to modify the one above to stitch a memorial for my ex-husband and his wife.  Their oldest son was killed in Afghanistan back in January.
My mom picked out some of these for me :-)  I wouldn't have spent as much if she hadn't been with me! LOL!

I've been visiting a lot of your blogs but haven't commented on many.  That hasn't even helped me find my mojo!  You all do beautiful work and my wish list has grown and grown!!  I hope to get it back soon.  I really miss it.

We here in the midwest are having a major drought.  Our state has declared a water emergency due to no rain.  All of our grass is brown and crunchy and the leaves on a lot of trees are already falling!  we had some dark clouds come through tonight, but no rain :-(  And it is HOT again!  100 plus!

I did move a book case into my room a few days ago and I'm pleased with the way it looks.  I wanted all my crafty stuff close and I've got most of it in here now.  Yay! Here is what it looks like.

I was afraid it would make it too crowded in here, but it really makes it more cosy!  Now to get rid of the file cabinet and old computer desk at the end.  I'm thinking an entertainment center or something similar will work.  I'll get pics later and show you the mess as it is now.  I don't use my desk top any more, so don't really need the (cheap) computer desk.  Just someplace to put my printer for when I want to use it.

Well, I've babbled on long enough.  I'm going to sign up for IHSW this weekend.  Maybe my mojo will show up for this.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be well and stay cool!

Eskie smiles,


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SoCal Debbie said...

Your beaded necklace looks beautiful! Wow! You certainly got a lot of stash! How great that your mom went with you too. The bookshelf looks perfect all loaded up with stitchy stuff. That is so nice of you to stitch something for your ex and his wife for their son.